Losing our precious little ones is hard. They are our best friends our family.  We love them.  We miss everything about them, a thousand memories.  They are an important part of our every day,  until the day they are not. Whether suddenly or a long good-bye it matters not, we are here and they are not.   So the questions become where are they, will we see them again?   These are valid questions and it is important to know the truth. Stories of a rainbow ridge and other magical places are comforting but the honest-to-God truth, their leaving, their life after is even greater, and one that brings the hope of tomorrow with them.

After my Annie left, maybe a few months later, God gave me an experience with her in heaven. He gave it to me to lessen the grief in my heart but I’ve since come to realize, He gave it to me to give to others that had to let their little ones go.

The following are His words, not mine, I wrote them just as I heard them.

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