Performance and Purity Canine Organic Milk Shampoo Bar

Organic cream Shampoo for Canines….

        “Prevents a myriad of canine skin problems,

                     as well as helps with existing bodily issues” 

A shampoo acknowledged for its extraordinary expensive balance of 15 market oils, butter, indispensable essential oils, and organic cream to end surface odor, dryness, itching, flaking, and irritation.  It helps repair scrapes, rashes, bug wounds, and hot spots, preventing fungal epidemics, and discourages microbial growth. 

It deters common pests naturally and is accepted as an organic replacement for flea and tick remedies.

Coats are especially gorgeous and luxurious, encompassing the coats of course-haired breeds.

Added conditioners are not necessary.

Applicable for all skin types.

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