CONFIDENCE Deo & Antiperspirant with Exotic Oils


A sumptuous balm that melts effortlessly into the skin on contact and easily provides all-day protection.

Thirty-one ingredients including butter from the Amazon rain forest, antioxidant-rich healthy fats, exotic oils from South America, and plant-based extracts possessing antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory properties, along with co2’s possessing tissue regenerating and wound-healing properties that nourish the delicate underarm skin and provide twenty-four and longer odor and wetness protection.

An all-natural way to odor and wetness reduction that does not irritate nor alter skin integrity.  Does not stain.

Extremely beneficial for the skin and our overall health.

Made in controlled batches in Western Pennsylvania.

Does not contain baking soda, arrowroot, aluminum, alcohol, or chemicals, nor is it tested on animals.

An all-natural deo and antiperspirant that actually works!

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