Lavender, Shea Butter, Tea Tree, Goat & Coconut Milks Salt Bar

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Floral-herbaceous notes of lavender lift nervous exhaustion and restlessness while increasing mental activity. The notes in this bar are absolutely intoxicating!

Numerous other essential oils deter bacteria and assist in alleviating symptoms and complications of infection.

Raw shea butter is extremely moisturizing and very hydrating, providing immediate softness and smoothness.

Medium and large size salts provide overall body exfoliation, especially for those areas needing special attention.

Salt bars are known for their lotion-like bubbly lather.

This is a hard, long-lasting bar.

5.5 to 6 ounces

Lavender infused with various sized sea salts.

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Salt soap bars combine the cleansing, exfoliating and detoxifying qualities of a salt bath and your favorite handmade organic soap. The bar is large, solid, lasts a long time, and produces a “lotion-like” bubbly lather.

Sea salts have numerous benefits for the skin such as being moisturizing, and never drying.  They are great for increasing blood circulation, replenishing hydration, and effectively balancing moisture and releasing water retention.

Rubbed directly on wet skin, salt bars gently exfoliate and polish the skin.  Used with a cloth they create lots of lather.  We love the way they make our skin feel. 

Salt bars the first time are a little slow to lather but thereafter begin producing lots of creamy lotion-like bubbly lather.

Our spa salt bars contain medium and large salts to gently exfoliate the skin, as well as those areas that require special attention.

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Weight 6.1 oz

1 review for Lavender, Shea Butter, Tea Tree, Goat & Coconut Milks Salt Bar

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mary Jo Mozurak

    Wonderful Scent! I discovered this salt bar at the Sewickley Fair and it may be my new favorite (next to the Cedarwood Charcoal Detox soap). The scent and formula are intoxicating! It’s my new addiction. Thank you, Annie Marie!

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