Double Butter Volume & Shine Shampoo Bar With Organic Milks

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Lion’s Market offers an impressive array of different shampoo bars but if extra volume and shine is your goal then this is your go-to.

Studies show hair regrowth after the 6 months mark was the same as regrowth from Rogaine.

Add oceans of shine with this mineral-rich, volumizing shampoo bar.  This bar is made with ingredients that make hair soft as silk from root to tip, and jojoba oil, shea & cocoa butter add body and volume to hair that struggles to hold a curl or just needs the additional body.  We’ve also added oils & extracts for extra shine, strength, and that encourages new growth plus a sensual blend of oils to perfume your hair subtly all day long.

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7 reviews for Double Butter Volume & Shine Shampoo Bar With Organic Milks

  1. Kristen

    VOLUME!!! I couldn’t be more pleased with this shampoo bar. My hair is relatively thin and long, so in the past any body it would have would last an hour or so, at best. Since I’ve been using this shampoo bar, my hair looks full and voluminous even the next day after washing. I used to have to wash my hair every day, but can go every other day now, and could probably go another day to be honest. My hair has been full, easy-to-style, soft, and noticeably healthier and shiny. Two thumbs up!

  2. Shelley

    The shampoo bar is amazing! My hair is almost back to it’s natural color. Almost all the gray is gone and I haven’t even used half of the bar yet! I will order more of this shampoo. I’m not going back to using something else and I don’t want to run out ?

  3. Zelle

    Absolutely the best shampoo out there!! I recently hennad my hair. It did not strip the color or anything. My hair have renewed volume and shine! Im in love with this! I would not go back to ordinary shampoos after this! Thank you for an amazing product!

  4. Zelle

    Just want to write a short update on my experience with the soap bar for hair. The first time I used it, my hair felt soft and amazing. I fell in love with it. From there on as I was told that all the junk and bad stuff will start to leave my hair in the following weeks starting to use the soap bar. My hair started to feel heavy & greasy at first, I wanted to give up, but decided to keep on using it, until all the old chemicals are washed out. Im glad I did!!! Yesterday for the first day, my hair felt so light, soft and super clean! All the old commercial shampoos and effects are washed out, and my hair can finally breath! Please do not give up during that transitioning stage for your hair! It will be worth it! The result : amazing soft and healthy hair! Thank you again for an amazing product! Hooked for life!!

  5. Dina

    I love this shampoo bar!!! I have very thick hair which I thought was dry. Guess what? It’s not! I have been using this bar for 2 months now and after the transition period, my hair is so healthy! All those tiny broken hairs that stuck up from my part are now 2-3 times longer and starting to lay down. I highly recommend this soap!

  6. Lindsey (verified owner)

    Glad I decided to transition! This shampoo is super lather and luxurious. It is good to know I am not putting harsh chemicals on my hair, but instead nourishing my hair and scalp. Occasionally, I use a apple cider vinegar rinse as a de-tangler. Agree with the other reviews – it is worth transitioning to truly healthy hair!

  7. Betsy West (verified owner)

    You have captured both myself and my husband with both of your shampoo bars. Never, ever will be purchase shampoo from any source.

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