Lightening & Tightening


Many women around the world dream of having a fairer, firmer, lighter, more even-toned complexion but also improving the blemishes of their skin, enhancing their complexion to a radiant glow.

Working with International companies at the forefront of marine biology; algae, seaweeds, and extracts, a luxurious formula has been developed to restore the glowth of youth.  Such actives are the fruit of comprehensive and innovative research on the mechanisms involved in improving skin tone and pigmentation.

An in vivo study showed after 56 days of twice-daily application, a significant observation recorded the following:

Illuminate the complexion.

Lighten hyper-pigmented areas (age spots).

Tighten Skin

Smooth out of signs of age.

Inhibit both inflammatory pigmentation and basal pigmentation,

A  formulated complex beneficial for both sensitive and irritated skin.





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