Remodeling Restructuring Lip Balm

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Soft, plump lips can be your best facial feature and women are searching for a solution to give them the toned moisturized fuller lips they desire.

Surgery, injections and DIY solutions are short-term, and expensive with questionable results.

Actives from marine life, sourced from pristine European waters, have been found to possess properties that restructure underlying lip collagen for FULLER, TONED, AND MOISTURIZED LIPS.  Additionally, wrinkles surrounding the lip area are decreased by up to 32%.


This formula exceeds our expectations. We could not be more pleased.

Honestly, this is the best product available on the market!

Apply twice daily for 28-45 days to achieve healthy, fuller, smoother lips and minimized furrows permanently.  A definite addition to our daily skincare routine.

A .5oz jar lasts 4-5 months.

This is for individuals that wish to recapture the fullness, tone, and moisture of youthful lips as well as those that have less than full lips.

Available .5oz


Skin viruses/infections may affect results.

Disclaimer: The FDA requires testing and approval for drugs and medicines.  Lion’s Market by Ann does not manufacture drugs or medicines or treat medical conditions or diseases.


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1 review for Remodeling Restructuring Lip Balm

  1. Lindsey

    Five Stars. This lip remodeling cream transformed my whole lip area. I had very thin, pale lips, and almost no upper lip. My lips began to fill out and gain color within a week of using the cream. I had taken a before picture and took a picture weekly (I recommend you do the same…it is amazing the changes). After a month of using the cream in the morning and evening my lips are full, hydrated, soft, and a pretty supple pink. You only have to use very little. The cream spreads very nicely and absorbs quickly. Most of all I like that the cream enhances in a very natural way… that my lips look and feel natural. They don’t feel swollen or tight or look out of shape. Very happy with this product, I can’t recommend highly enough.

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