Serums and Salves

Scars are cosmetically problematic and are one of the most frequent reasons that people consult dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Medically speaking, there are several ways of treating scars: topical products, surgical revisions or laser treatments. Surgery has its own risks and benefits and is associated with its own degrees of success, and there are serious health risks and limited success associated with using antibiotics and topical products.

But there is good news…

Recent clinical studies have confirmed that specific natural oils are effective in breaking down existing scar tissue and regenerating new skin, without any of the dangers or limited successes associated with surgery or antibiotics.

A blend of all natural cold pressed, and essential oils with antioxidant rich, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbiological oils eliminate scars by breaking down fibrous scar tissue and encouraging the regeneration of new tissue, without the side effects associated with medical procedures or antibiotics.

The oils work for old scars as well as new scars.