by Joe Kukucka, M.H.


Part 1

Just as the number of coronavirus cases in America started increasing, on March 11th, my wife developed a very bad cough, loss of energy, and chills that required extra blankets. She switched from solid food to fresh orange juice and started using the anti-infection formula I make in the fall and keep in the refrigerator. (Later, I learned this is the exact same formula as Dr. Schulze’s Super Tonic.) Usually, this starts giving results to the usual flu, but her condition was not the same as past colds, which start with a sore throat, then head congestion. But none of that this time.

Next, we went with a regimen of anti-viral tinctures of Lomatium, Isatis, Skullcap root, Red Root and Licorice. This helped get her out of bed, but the bad cough persisted and she wasn’t sleeping well. We continued the tinctures 4 or 5 times daily for 5 days and also added elderberry syrup, the Glandular formula, the Immucalm formula and Lobelia tea. I suggested the Cold Sheet Treatment, but she didn’t feel ready for that yet, as she wasn’t congested – just coughing her head off, rattling the windows and shaking the foundation. She did take hot baths with a carafe of spearmint tea (another diaphoretic that’s more palatable than yarrow).

Still coughing, I had her start boiling water in a saucepan, remove the boiling water saucepan from the heat, added some essential oils, put a towel over her head and the saucepan, and breathe in the steam. This worked like a charm! All our efforts finally paid off. The whole episode lasted 13 days. The essential oils used were: Holy Basil, which is known to help respiratory disorders and a blend I call Thieves Oil Plus. It contains clove, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus and rosemary essentials in avocado oil. I put this into 15 ml. dropper bottles to then apply to our hands & nose before going out.

We don’t know if this was COVID-19 or just a stubborn case of bronchitis, as she didn’t have a fever, trouble breathing, or many of the symptoms cited for this latest plague. We’re also not sure where she picked up this contagion: a restaurant, a store, someone at church, because of a cheeseburger a few days earlier? We know a  wholesome diet is essential to a strong immune system. You really need to eat healthy to stay healthy.

Part 2

Although I tried to keep my system resilient against whatever my wife had, I started feeling lethargic, and some chest tightness the evening of March 18th. The next day I had a little cough and a runny nose. I knew I had to amplify my efforts. I used Echinacea, the antiviral tinctures, the anti-infection formula, the Immucalm formula, the Lung & Bronchial Formula as well as steaming, alternating with fir needle, lemon and peppermint essential oils. I also used Sen Sei Menthol Rub on my forehead, along side of the nose and on the chest.

In 4 days, I was back to good health. Once again demonstrating that herbs and simple hydrotherapy work. We didn’t worry about what kind of germ we had, instead we worked to give the body what it needed to restore good health. I am very thankful to have learned of the healing qualities that God put into plants for our benefit.

Joe Kukucka is a Master Herbalist graduate from the School of Natural Healing. He lives in Ohio and would be happy to answer questions via email,

From Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Legacy
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